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Gideon Sundback Google Doodle

Google Doodle at Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday

Google celebrating Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday with a creative and unexpected Google doodle on it’s homepage. Google generally celebrates special days, occasions, and birthdays with a customized homepage containing animated graphics, special image. Today is the 132nd birthday of Zipper man Gideon Sundback,

Gideon Sundback 132nd birthday Google Doodle

Today’s Google doodle is to celebrate 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback, the zipper man. Here is a screenshot of today’s Google doodle:Gideon Sundback's 132nd birthday Google Doodle

Gideon Sundback 132nd birthday Google Doodle signifies the invention of zipper. The doodle is mainly a giant zipper at the middle of Google’s homepage. When someone unzips the page, a page contain information about  Gideon Sundback opens.

Who is Gideon Sundback?

Gideon Sundback-The Zipper man

Gideon Sundback is a swidish engineer, mostly known for his invention of zipper. This invention changed the life of million people. Now a day we can’t think about our life without a zip. from our handbag to our trouser, everywhere there is a zip.

This great Engineer Gideon Sundback:

born on April 24, 1880

Died on June 21, 1954

Know more about Gideon Sundback at his wiki page

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