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Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle

Google Honors the origami grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa with a personalized Google Doodle. This is the 101th birth anniversary of Akira Yoshizawa. Google generally celebrates special occasions and birth days with a customized homepage called Google Doodle.

Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle

Akira Yoshizawa had an excellent paper folding skill, which made him famous throughout the world.Here is a screenshot of Akira Yoshizawa Google Doodle. This Google doodle is totally based on his paper folding skill . Here we can see that All the Characters of Google are created by folding paper  to mimic the infamous art form .Aslo there are three butterflies made of paper. This Google Doodle really states the significant of this day (Akira Yoshizawa’s 101th birthday)

Akira Yoshizawa Google DoodleAkira Yoshizawa Bio:

Akira Yoshizawa Born: 14 March 1911

and Diet on 14 March 2005

Born in Japan

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.In traditional art of origami the Butterfly plays a very important role in the art of paper-folding.

His early life was full of trouble and poverty. In the age of 20s he used to sell fish in Tokyo along with folding paper.

But in 1951 his life totally changed, a Japanese magazine commissioned him to fold the 12 signs of the Japanese zodiac to illustrate its next issue which catapulted him on to the international stage.

According to an estimation he made more than 50,000 models (which is really huge). among them only a few hundred designs were diagrammed in his 18 books.

Akira Yoshizawa’s art of Origami Images


Origami CraneAkira Yoshizawa Orgami ElepthentAkira Yoshizawa orgami monkey


  1. With so much details, seems amazing to can create so many things on paper and so real. It will be good to add the list or a link to the list of the books of him, thanks. 🙂

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