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Google Doodle on 63rd Republic Day of India

Google has celebrated 63rd Republic Day of India With a cool and traditional Google Doodle.Google Celebrates special occasions and days with a personalized home page containing images and animation describing significant of the day.Today’s Republic Day of India  Google doodle also carries significant info about Indian Republic day.

Republic Day of India Doodle.

Here is the screenshot of Republic Day of India Google Doodle.63rd Republic Day of India Google Doodle Screenshot

In this Republic Day of India contains significant message about India and it’s liberty.Three charming and joyful elephants denote the health of Indian culture and Indian economy.All three umbrellas contain Saffron, white and green color on them and looks like Indian flag.The O of Google looking like the Ashoka’s  Wheel.

Significant of 63rd Republic Day of India

Republic Day of India Google DoodleToday is the 63rd Republic day. Although India got independence on August 15, 1947, but it didn’t had it’s own permanent constitution, and It’s laws and orders was about same as colonial Government of India.

In this day on 26th of January 1950 India got it’s own independent constituency..

Some Republic Day of India Images

Pared on the occation of Republic Day of India

We with all our readers a very Happy Republic Day.

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